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Grief is an extremely powerful emotion.  It can feel like we have been crippled and are unable to function.  Grief can occur after the loss of a loved one, and we can also experience complicated grief. If you are experiencing grief or complicated grief, a professional counselor can help you to process your feelings of hopelessness and despair.  Grief counseling focuses on the loss that someone has experienced. The loss can be sudden or an individual can anticipate that the loss was going to occur.  We often hear our clients tell us that even though they knew that they were going to loss a loved one, they were unprepared for the depth of sadness that they felt. Grief can bring on depressive like symptoms.

We work with many individuals who are struggling with their addictions and help them to build a support system and to overcome the underlying conditions that are associated.

Our office is warm and friendly.  We are located in Vero Beach, Florida.

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Grief is not linear.  Absolutely, no way.  It will ebb and flow throughout your entire life, as if you were being punished for surviving.  Acceptance?  How can you accept that someone that you loved was taken from you?  Some can, while others cannot.  Some will literally take a lifetime to dwell in the sorrow that they feel for their loved one, while others will feel complete and utter hatred for the loss of a loved one.  Secret lives can be unearthed after a loved one has died.  This can be devastating, while others have what they describe as a wonderful life filled with endless decades of companionship. Loss, is loss.  Your story is your story, and as the survivor the ending is 100% in your control.  That is where a professional mental health counselor comes in.  As licensed professional counselors, we help our clients to move through the process of grieving.


Losing a loved one can be devastating. One day you have someone that you cared for by your side, and the next day they are gone. The life that you knew no longer exists and it can be shocking. Sometimes we know that a loved one is expected to die, yet it still doesn’t make it any easier. Grief is deep sorrow from a loss. Grief does not necessarily occur from the death of someone and can occur when we have a loss.

A divorce can cause the same symptoms as the death of a loved one. Often, a spouse feels guilty that they are not mourning according to how their family and friends tell them that they should be.  This is also known as complicated grief. If you are experiencing grief from losing a loved one, Rebecca Inman offers grief counseling in a warm and friendly environment.

Have you experienced a loss?  Do you want to talk with a professional grief counselor in Vero Beach?  We have professional counselors who are trained in both grief and complicated grief.  Our office is conveniently located in Vero Beach near Indian River Boulevard.  Call our office at 774.742.2020 to speak with a grief counselor today.

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Frequently asked questions

Do You Accept Insurance?

We do not accept any insurance at this time.  We will most likely never accept insurance due to the information that is reported to the MIB or Medical Information Bureau.  We also do not want to have our counseling sessions dictated by an insurance carrier.

What Are Your Fees?

Our fees vary and begin at $80 per 50-minute session for individual therapy.  Couple’s counseling is $100 per 50-minute session, and Family Mediation is $175 per hour.  We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

What Are Your Hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00.  We do not have any weekend hours.  Counseling is available through an online HIPAA compliant portal.  Counseling cannot be done through texting or email.

Do You Offer Faith-Based Counseling?

As a faith-based counselor, we encourage our clients to share their specific faith and religion.  We tell our clients that we want them to be comfortable and to feel welcomed.  We offer faith-based counseling as well as traditional counseling for individuals who are either agnostic, indifferent or struggling with their religious views.

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