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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling, Vero Beach, Florida

Couples Counseling in Vero Beach, Florida

Our relationships are important to us, unfortunately, they do not always go as smoothly as we would like for them too.  We often bring dynamics from prior relationships and our childhood into our marriages and relationships.  We repeat what we do not repair.  Couples present themselves for counseling for a myriad of reasons.  The length and time that a couple spends in counseling can vary, and depends on the complexity of the issues that they present to their counselor.  While it may seem as if your relationship has made a drastic change for the worse, the reality is that it has most likely taken some time for it to deteriorate.

Our relationships can become strained when outside pressures begin to take their toll. Sometimes there is infidelity while other couples simply do not have the proper skills to communicate with one another.  Infidelity can be devastating to a relationship.  Some couples want to save their relationship, while others want to explore options such as intensive couples therapy, family mediation, separation, or sadly divorce.  Some of the topics that are discussed in couples counseling is in preparation to marriage, or pre-marriage counseling, communication skills, intimacy enhancement, boundary setting, sexual infidelity, financial infidelity, ongoing conflict, anger management, and step-parenting.

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers couples counseling to those who are looking to establish better communication with their partners.  We are professional counselors and Supreme Court Family Mediators.  Please contact our office at 772.742.2020 to speak with a counselor.


Couples Intensive

Couples Intensive is an option for couples who are desirous of receiving intensive therapy close to home.  Couples can think of Intensive Therapy as an alternative solution to a Couples/Marriage Retreat without having the expense and time of traveling.  Nu Vision Counseling Professionals, offers both traditional Clinical and Christian counseling.

We have experience working with couples in all age groups as well as diversity. Call 772.742.2020 to speak with a counselor.

Counseling, Vero Beach, Florida
Pre-Marital Counseling, Vero Beach, Florida

A Stay-at-Home Option

Some couples need intensive therapy to help them resolve some of their marital issues.  Unfortunately, life and all of its responsibilities do not always afford couples and their families the ability to “get away”.  Some couples simply can’t wait to schedule a retreat, while others simply don’t know where to begin to find a marriage and couples retreat.  Our Couples Intensive Counseling is an option that helps couples save time and money.

Call Nu Vision Counseling Professionals at 772.742.2020 to speak with a counselor, and schedule Couples Intensive Therapy.

Professional Counseling and Family Mediation in Vero Beach, Florida; please contact us.

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Additional Services

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers Substance Abuse Evaluations in our Vero Beach, Florida office.

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Assessments and Evaluations

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers Testing and Evaluations services in our Vero Beach, Florida office.

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Family Mediation

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers Family Mediation in our Vero Beach, Florida office.

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Immigration Evaluations

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers Immigration Evaluation services in our Vero Beach, Florida office.

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Innovative Approach to Mental Health

There are many different applications for mental health.  Nu Vision Counseling Professionals believes that it is imperative to clinically treat wellness with a multi-faceted approach.  We address mental health wellness through a mind-body perspective.  Our philosophy is centered on a biopsychosocial reference, with the goal of helping our clients to regain balance in their lives. The mind and body are connected to one another.  When one suffers, both suffer.

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals uses a myriad of theoretical approaches when working with our clients.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve wellness through mindfulness-based therapy and positive psychology.

counseling and family mediation, vero beach, florida
Nu Vision Counseling Professionals, Vero Beach, Florida
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