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We offer Family Counseling in Vero Beach, Florida.

The family unit is considerably more complex today.  Women have more options and often work as well as are responsible for the majority of childrearing, while other families might have a traditional family unit.

Social media along with quick and easy access to technology has added additional challenges to the American family.  Children have considerable pressures to both perform in sports as well as have stellar grades.

Health concerns are one of the most talked-about concerns as of late.  it is understandable as to why.  Families have considerable pressures as of late and families are struggling.  Rebecca works with a myriad of family structures, from single mothers, and fathers to families that are fully intact.  She is a solution-focused counselor with extensive education and training in the field of finance.  She also holds an MBA from Saint Leo University.  Rebecca is able to help families work through problems that range from working through a life-changing decision, grieving the loss of a loved one, changing careers to complex high-conflict relationships.

Rebecca Inman is a licensed mental health counselor, Supreme Court Family Mediator, and Qualified Parent Coordinator.  her office is located in Vero Beach, Florida.  She works with individuals, couples as well as families.  Rebecca offers sessions in person as well as online.

While Rebecca works with a myriad of clients in her practice, she specializes in addictions and high-conflict families.  Rebecca also offers substance abuse and mental health evaluations.

If you are interested in working with Rebecca and have more questions, please call our office at 772-742-2020 for a free 15-minute consultation.The

Are you struggling with your relationship or marriage?  Have you tried to work through and navigate your relationship on your own and are unable to fix things? 

there is no shame in admitting that you are unable to resolve your relationship dilemmas on your own.  A professional counselor can help to provide a neutral perspective on the relationship.  

Do you have a high-conflict family?  Is there conflict in your home and are you struggle to find the peace and tranquility that you imagined you would have?  Family dynamics can be complex, especially when trying to balance all of the demands that we have today. 

Rebecca Inman offers family counseling online and in her office in Vero Beach, Florida.  Sessions are also available online if you require flexibility in your schedule.  Rebecca offers a free 15-minute consultation to her new clients.  Call 772-742-2020 to find out more.  We look forward to talking with you about exploring options to work through the difficulties that you are having within your family.