Substance Abuse Evaluations

Rebecca Inman is a National Certified Counselor and a Supreme Court Family Mediator. If you have been court-ordered to undergo a Substance Abuse Evaluations, please give our office a call. We work with our clients to provide an evaluation for the courts. Our evaluation process requires a minimum of 5 visits including an intake.

Social Investigation

A Social Investigation is a also referred to as a Custody Evaluation; however, the courts no longer use the term. Rebecca Inman is a National Certified Counselor and a Supreme Court Family Mediator. She is also trained to provide Social Investigations in the state of Florida, and in every district. Social Investigations can be an extensive process. They can be expensive as well as time consuming. They require extensive knowledge and training. If you have been ordered to have a Social Investigation performed please contact our office.

Anger Management Evaluations

Anger Management Evaluations are generally court-ordered. Often the courts will require both an evaluation as well as counseling/classes along with the evaluation. A court can also order an evaluation after they have determined that someone has been in the court system. We offer Anger Management Evaluations as well as Anger Management counseling. If you have been court-ordered to undergo an Anger Management Evaluation or Anger Management Classes, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. Anger Management Classes generally last five sessions and include an intake. A report can also be required by the court.


ADD or ADHD can have a severe impact on individuals who are suffering from the disorder. If you, your child or a family member suspects that they have ADD or ADHD. please contact our office. We work with our clients to provide comprehensive evaluations and can provide a referral for additional support for possible medication, should the client want to explore options.

Autism Spectrum Evaluations

Autism Spectrum can present itself in a myriad of ways. It can be mild, it can be pervasive or in between. If you have a child or an adult that you suspect is suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder, and in need of an evaluation, please contact our office. Rebecca Inman is a National Certified Counselor who has extensive experience working with children and adults who suffer from Autism. Please give our call an office to make an appointment to discuss the process of evaluation.

Court-Ordered Evaluations

Sometimes the court will not specify what type an evaluation someone needs to undergo, and will simply state that they will need to undergo a Mental Health Evaluation.The evaluation is generally part of a plea deal with the court, or it may have been ordered as a result of a court battle. Our office works with individuals who have ongoing court issues. If you have been court-ordered to undergo an evaluation, please contact our office. We will review your paperwork and determine what the court is asking for, A Mental Health Evaluation generally requires a minimum of five visits in addition to an intake. The court may also require an actual written evaluation.

Frequently asked questions

Do You Accept Insurance?

We do not accept any insurance at this time.  We will most likely never accept insurance due to the information that is reported to the MIB or Medical Information Bureau.  We also do not want to have our counseling sessions dictated by an insurance carrier.

What Are Your Fees?

Our fees vary and begin at $80 per 50-minute session for individual therapy.  Couple’s counseling is $100 per 50-minute session, and Family Mediation is $175 per hour.  We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

What Are Your Hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00.  We do not have any weekend hours.  Counseling is available through an online HIPAA compliant portal.  Counseling cannot be done through texting or email.

Do You Offer Faith-Based Counseling?

As a faith-based counselor, we encourage our clients to share their specific faith and religion.  We tell our clients that we want them to be comfortable and to feel welcomed.  We offer faith-based counseling as well as traditional counseling for individuals who are either agnostic, indifferent or struggling with their religious views.

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