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Why Don’t You Take Insurance?

Why Don’t You Take Insurance? June 30, 2019
Mental Health Counseling Vero Beach, Florida

Accepting insurance as a mental health counselor is a personal choice. In my opinion it can also be a pitfall for clients. Why? A mental health counselor is required to get credentialed with a carrier. Sometimes an insurance carrier is also referred to as a “panel”. The credentialing process with an insurance company is similar for doctors and hospitals. It is a lengthy process. It can also be very expensive. There are some mental health counselors in specific regions where accepting insurance is almost a requirement.

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals is located in Vero Beach, Florida. We work with a myriad of clients and their issues. While we specialize in addictions and high-conflict families we see a wide range of individuals. Florida is unique. There are areas of south Florida where the majority of counselors are credentialed with insurance panels. Counselors in south Florida are highly-competitive and often feel pressured into taking insurance or they will not be able to grow their practice. Unfortunately, filing a claim with an insurance carrier requires a diagnosis. Any diagnosis that is given to an insurance carrier goes into their systems and is subsequently filed with the Medical Information Bureau or MIB. If I see a client who is struggling with depression and anxiety, and I file his visit with his insurance, I am required to give him a diagnosis. The insurance company places that information in their system and it is subsequently placed into one of the world’s largest information systems, the MIB. Should you go to make an application for life insurance, the MIB will show that we were seen by a counselor and that you were diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Your application for life insurance can and will be either “rated higher” and/or declined.

As a mental health counselor in Vero Beach, Florida, I do not accept insurance. I also keep my rates very reasonable so that my clients are able to receive psychological services with a mental health counselor on a regular weekly basis. If you are in need of psychological services and would like to receive mental health counseling, please contact us at
772-742-2020 to speak with a counselor. We offer a free 15-minute consultation over the phone to discuss what your current situation is.

Our office is friendly and warm. We invite you to contact us and to begin the path of discovering a healthier version of “you”.

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