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Sexual Addiction

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Sex Addiction Counseling in Vero Beach, Florida

When we think of addictions, we often think of substance abuse such as alcohol, cocaine or pills.  We have a tendency to think of addictions as being this all encompassing bucket of homeless individuals who struggle with sobriety to the point of allowing their responsibilities in life to take a back seat; a serious back seat.  In reality, we all are infallible human beings and are capable of becoming addicted to anything. There is a definitive line between a strong interest, an obsession.  There is also a distinction between an obsession and an addiction.

As a therapist and family mediator, I work with individuals who are suffering from sex addictions. love addictions including male sex addictions as well as female/male love addicted individuals.

What is Sex Addictions Counseling?

Sex addiction has many faces.  While some struggle with pornography others may struggle with a physical addiction to sex.  As professional counselors we will explore what your current struggles are and how to approach them from a clinical perspective.  We offer day as well as evening appointments in our Vero Beach, Florida office.  Our goals is to help our clients set healthy boundaries as they work through the underlying issues that led to their addiction.

Sex Addiction Counseling Vero Beach, Florida
Counseling Vero Beach Florida

Sex Addiction and Substance Abuse

It is not uncommon for individuals who are suffering from multiple disorders.  This is referred to as comorbidity.  If you or a loved one who you are in an intimate relationship is suffering from sex addiction as well as an addiction to substance abuse, please contact our office for an appointment.  As professional mental health counselors we are professionally trained to work with individuals who have co-occurring disorders.  WE work with professional facilities in the event that our clients need intensive treatment for their disorders.

Professional Counseling and Family Mediation in Vero Beach, Florida; please contact us.

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Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers Evaluations and Assessments and Counseling services in our Vero Beach, Florida office.

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Family Mediation

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Innovative Approach to Mental Health

There are many different applications for mental health.  Nu Vision Counseling Professionals believes that it is imperative to clinically treat wellness with a multi-faceted approach.  We address mental health wellness through a mind-body perspective.  Our philosophy is centered on a biopsychosocial reference, with the goal of helping our clients to regain balance in their lives. The mind and body are connected to one another.  When one suffers, both suffer.

Nu Vision Counseling professionals uses a myriad of theoretical approaches when working with our clients.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve wellness through mindfulness-based therapy and positive psychology.

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