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Mental Health Evaluations

Court-Ordered Mental Health Evaluations, Vero Beach, Florida

Mental Health Evaluations in Vero Beach, Florida

A Mental Health Evaluation is both a generic term and an actual evaluation or assessment.  Often a judge will order either a mental health evaluation or a substance abuse evaluation in a legal proceeding.  While the two evaluations are different a mental health evaluation can determine is an additional evaluation needs to be performed or if additional services or needed.  A mental health evaluation can also determine if no additional services need to be rendered.  There are many different tools that a mental health professional has at their disposal when performing a mental health evaluation.

We are highly-trained mental health counselors and Supreme Court Family Mediators.  If you have received a court-order to undergo a mental health evaluation  please contact our office at 772.742.2020 to schedule an appointment. Nu Vision Counseling offers mental health evaluations in a warm and friendly environment in Vero Beach, Florida.

Mental Health Evaluations

Our evaluations are very thorough, subsequently, we require that our clients come for a minimum of five visits prior to issuing our findings.  A detailed report us furnished for an additional charge.  While other counselors may perform the evaluation after one visit, we require more time spent with our clients one on one.  We have found that this is the best approach when working with clients who have been mandated to undergo an evaluation.

Each client presents themselves to our office with a unique situation.  We want to spend an appropriate amount of time with our clients to thoroughly understand what problems they are contending with, and what is the best approach to help them.

Counseling and Family Mediation, Vero Beach, Florida
counseling and family mediaiton, vero beach, florida

I received a court order or a Mental Health Evaluation.  Now what?

If you have received a court order for a mental health evaluation or a substance abuse evaluation, please contact our office.  We are knowledgeable about family matters and the legal system.  We specialize in addictions and high-conflict families and offer a free 15-minute consultation. Our office is located in Vero Beach, Florida.

Please call 772.742.2020 to speak with a counselor and to set up an appointment.  We offer day and evening appointments in a warm and friendly environment.

Professional Counseling and Family Mediation in Vero Beach, Florida; please contact us.

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Innovative Approach to Mental Health

There are many different applications for mental health.  Nu Vision Counseling Professionals believes that it is imperative to clinically treat wellness with a multi-faceted approach.  We address mental health wellness through a mind-body perspective.  Our philosophy is centered on a biopsychosocial reference, with the goal of helping our clients to regain balance in their lives. The mind and body are connected to one another.  When one suffers, both suffer.

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals uses a myriad of theoretical approaches when working with our clients.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve wellness through mindfulness-based therapy, behavior modification, and positive psychology.  We offer forensic and psychological evaluations, family mediation and high-conflict relationship coaching.

counseling and family mediation, vero beach, florida
Nu Vision Counseling Professionals, Vero Beach, Florida
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