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High-Conflict Families & Counseling

High-Conflict Families & Counseling April 8, 2019
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Our families can be extremely challenging. We often have a preconceived mindset that our family member should act and conduct themselves in a specific manner. What about those family members who are different from who we are. There are also blended families. Blended families can be extremely challenging. The divorce rate in the United States is considerably high with an average of 50% of marriages ending in divorce. Children are typically caught between loving both of their parents, wanting to be with both of them, and learning how to get used to a new stepmother or stepfather. New step-siblings are challenging as well.

Substance abuse can also play a role in strained relations. Family members struggle to understand why their loved one is abusing drugs and alcohol. While the mental health and well-being of a loved one is always of concern, family finances can also be impacted. How do families pay for the high cost of inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation, along with aftercare? Parents of adult children are often left to care for their grandchildren when addiction has a stronghold on a loved one. Addictions is an American epidemic.

High-conflict families generally have a myriad of issues that need to be addressed in counseling.

Some families want to work on their problems in counseling, while others are looking for cost-effective ways to dismantle their marriage and opt for Family Mediation. Counseling can help high-conflict families learn how to communicate with one another, particularly when there are blended families and substance abuse.

Individuals are often confused when looking for a counselor. Mental health counselors generally do not work with all demographics. Can mental health counselors work with “soup to nuts” clients, rather than specialize or “niche”? Yes! However, it is best if you seek out a mental health counselor or psychotherapist who specializes in one or two areas.

Family and Marriage Counselors work with families and systems. Their focus is generally based on communication within the family unit. They can also work on areas such as infidelity. A Family and Marriage Counselor is not necessarily the best counselor to see if there is significant substance abuse in a family. Can they work with substance abuse in a family? Absolutely! Sometimes there are multiple counselors who will work on a case. Clients are used to having more than one counselors. We understand that there is an education process or learning curve that may take place when seeking out and working with clients who have high-conflict families and relationship.

We work with family and marriage counselors in our area. We also have strong relationships with attorneys, interventionists, and rehabilitation centers throughout the entire state of Florida. We are highly-trained in addictions counseling and family mediation.

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals works with addictions and high-conflict families. Some of the issues that represent themselves when we work with substance abuse and high-conflict families are anxiety, stress, and depression. Trauma can also be a by-product of high-conflict families. We will repeat what we do not repair in our lives. Trauma can have a ripple effect and cause post-traumatic stress disorder. Individuals who inflict trauma could be suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder or an underlying substance abuse problem. It is never okay to abuse another family member or individual. Under our practice umbrella are the underlying problems that come with addictions and high-conflict families.

Nu Vision Counseling is located in Vero Beach, Florida. We offer psychotherapy and family mediation services. Counseling is done in our Vero Beach office, and family mediation services are offered throughout the entire state of Florida. As family mediators who help individuals who are desirous of dissolving their marriage to negotiate their marital assets, prepare a dissolution of marriage, a marital settlement agreement, and parenting plan.

Divorce is never easy.

There is a significant grieving process that takes place when a high-conflict family is going through a divorce. Couples ask if they did something wrong. Emotions are frayed. Finances are compromised. As Family Mediators we are non-adversarial. Our role to remain neutral when a high-conflict family is in the process of dismantling their marriage. As neutral facilitators, we remain completely neutral throughout the entire process. We help high-conflict families to communicate and resolve their differences through the divorce process.

We offer day and evening appointments for counseling and family mediation. If you have questions concerning our counseling or family mediation services, please contact our office at 772.742.2020. We offer a free 15-minute consultation.

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