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Help for Anxiety

Help for Anxiety February 2, 2020
Counseling and Family Mediation, Vero Beach, Florida

Anxiety can be difficult to cope with. It has many different elements and can leave us feeling ashamed and hopeless. Anxiety does not just happen overnight, although many individuals often feel as if it can from no where. Anxiety and all of its tentacles has roots and causes. Sometimes an individual understands where it “stems” from and sometimes they do not. As counselors we help our clients with their anxiety as well as where it stems from. Even though you may have an amazing counselor to help with your anxiety, you will need to do homework in between sessions. Sometimes that can be difficult; we understand. It takes practice and we get caught up in our everyday life and fail to engage in self-care. We also feel guilty for engaging in self-care. What if I told you that self-care is the first place that we should start and everything else will fall into place.

We have attached a worksheet here for you to print out and read. Counselors are available to help you with your anxiety. We offer day and evening appointments in our office in Vero Beach, Florida. Nu Vision Counseling Professionals also offers virtual counseling for individuals who are residents of the state of Florida. Please call our office at 772.742.2020 to speak with a counselor. We offer a free 15-minute appointment for individuals who are looking for a counselor.

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