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Couples & Marriage

couples and marriage counseling, vero beach, florida

Couples & Marriage Counseling in Vero Beach, Florida

Mental Health Counseling Vero Beach, Florida

Couples Counseling

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers counseling services to couples in a long-term relationship, as well as those who are married.  We are mental health counselors and family mediators, and we work with clients throughout their lifespan.

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Counseling Vero Beach Florida

Couples Intensive

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers a Couples Intensive option for couples who are in crisis.  During Couples Intensive Therapy, couples come to counseling for six hours with a one-hour break,

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Counseling Vero Beach Florida

Affair Recovery

An affair can be devastating to a marriage.  Some couples decide to repair their marriage, while others may opt to end it after an affair.  Nu Vision Counseling offers Affair Recovery Counseling in their Vero Beach, Florida office.  While an extra-marital affair is unacceptable, there may be underlying behaviors that need to be addressed.

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“Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers mental health counseling and family mediation in a warm and friendly environment in Vero Beach, Florida. Fall in love with life again, find renewed hope and purpose."

Counseling Vero Beach Florida

Rebecca Inman

Psychotherapist and Family Mediator
Nu Vision Counseling Professionals, Vero Beach, Florida
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