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Counseling & Summer Vacation

Counseling & Summer Vacation June 29, 2019Leave a comment
Counseling Vero Beach Florida

Summer time is important for families. It is the time of the year that families spend quality time together and make memories. Floridians get to live in the sunshine state year round (minus the hurricanes); but we still need a vacation. Summer time and vacation can also interfere with our regular schedules and we have to miss our regular appointments with our counselors, and therapists. There are options available to those who simply do not want to skip seeing their counselor. Telehealth!

What is Telehealth? Telehealth is an option that is now available to clients who want to see a doctor or therapist; however, they simply do not have access to one. The constraints can be due to living in a rural area, or being out of town on vacation. Nu Vision Counseling offers counseling remotely, or Telehealth. Simply let us know that you would like to make arrangements for counseling with us via our secure link and we will be happy to accommodate you. We love seeing our counseling clients in our Vero Beach office, but sometimes it simply is not feasible. Its okay! We can help with out to have your counseling sessions done remotely. It’s okay to not be okay!! Its also okay to go on vacation and skip seeing your counseling; but just for a week or two. Ha! Enjoy yourself on vacation. You deserve it.

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