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Addictions Counseling in Vero Beach, Florida

Is addictions a disease?   E.M. Jellinek published a peer-review article almost 50 years ago outlining his theory entitled The Disease Concept of Alcoholism.  This is also known as the medical model.  It is a theory that is widely accepted; however, addiction and alcoholism are still poorly understood.  The medical model does allow for clinicians and hospitals to bill insurance carriers for treatment.  Without the ability to bill for services, many individuals who suffer from addiction and alcoholism would never be able to get help.  The medical model is only a theory.  Scientific studies have yet to prove that addiction is a disease any more than they haven’t been able to prove that it isn’t a disease.  Clinicians can also separate the behaviors of an individual from substance.  What other underlying factors need to be considered when working with individuals who do not have the ability to curtail their addiction on their own?

Does the addicted person have what clinicians refer to as an ACE, or Adverse Childhood Experience?  Did their mother abuse alcohol or other substances while pregnant?  What other stressors are in their life?  What biological, social and psychological factors should the clinician consider when working with and diagnosing an individual who suffers from addictions?  Addictive behavior varies considerably, which may be one of the reasons why addictions is so poorly misunderstood.

A book by Gene M. Heyman of Harvard University, entitled Addiction: A Disorder of Choice, outlines a different theory on addictions.  In his book, Heyman argues that similar to dieters who are successful, or not successful, alcohol and addiction is about choices, which is influenced by preferences and goals.  This is where it gets a little tricky.  If addiction is a matter of choice and motivation, where does someone learn the tools associated with healthy choices? What if an individual never had the opportunity to be associated with healthy individuals who supported cultural values and information that led to a rational and healthy life?  Consuming too much of anything is not good for the human soul and body.  Heyman lays out a scientific argument that addiction is a choice and not a disease.

The cravings of addicts are real.  So is their support system and ideology.  What if an addict’s support system supported consuming too much of either alcohol, drugs, or even both?  What are the chances of an addict breaking free from their addiction?  There are many factors that are associated with addiction.  If you are consuming or engaging in too much of anything to the point that your life is out of control, then you are an addict.  There are many things to consider when working with clients who have an addiction.  We understand that becoming addicted did not happen overnight, and while no one wants to hear that becoming sober or changing your behaviors will not happen overnight either, it is the reality of addictions.

Nu Vision Counseling Professionals offers addictions counseling to those who need help regaining control of their emotions and life. We are also Supreme Court Family Mediators. Contact our office at 772.742.2020 to speak with a counselor.

What is Addictions Counseling?

Addictions counseling is different than marital counseling, or traditional individual counseling.  While it involves talk therapy, your counselor will use a myriad of theoretical approaches during your sessions.  Some of the theories that we embody are positive psychology, cognitive behavior, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused brief counseling.  We do not have a cookie-cutter approach and believe that every client is different, and their counseling should mirror their individuality.  Nu Vision Counseling works with various professional bodies to help our clients in their sobriety.  Our goal is to help our clients that struggle with addictions to achieve balance and harmony.  We help our clients set healthy boundaries as they work through the underlying issues that led to their addiction.

Counseling Vero Beach Florida
Counseling in Vero Beach Florida

Addictions Treatment

Some of our clients have been in traditional rehab prior to coming to us for counseling, while others try to curb or quit their addictions on their own.  There is no definitive roadmap, rather treatment should be tailored for each individual and their specific needs.  An individual’s patterns of behaviors, level of addictions, the substance of choice, stress level, childhood, and cultural beliefs are all taken into consideration.  Addictions counseling does require that a client commits to regular sessions to address their addictions and make a lasting and permanent change.

Professional Counseling and Family Mediation in Vero Beach, Florida; please contact us.

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Innovative Approach to Mental Health

There are many different applications for mental health.  Nu Vision Counseling Professionals believes that it is imperative to clinically treat wellness with a multi-faceted approach.  We address mental health wellness through a mind-body perspective.  Our philosophy is centered on a biopsychosocial reference, with the goal of helping our clients to regain balance in their lives. The mind and body are connected to one another.  When one suffers, both suffer.

Nu Vision Counseling professionals uses a myriad of theoretical approaches when working with our clients.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve wellness through mindfulness-based therapy and positive psychology.

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